MCG Downloads

3dsmax 2016 introduced the Max Creation Graph. This allows you to develop your own plugins without writing a line of code and it’s going to open all sorts of doors for procedural content in 3dsmax.

MCG Populate Drop to Surface

MCG Transformation Modifiers

MCG Math Float Controllers

MCG Repeat Animation Modifier

MCG Loop Mesh Animation Modifier


Here are also a few of mine that I’ve built so far. Fairly simple but all useful! I’m not posting these as downloads at the moment as they are pretty simple and I think it’s quite good to go through and try creating these yourselves to understand how MCG works.

Simple Morph

Here’s a simple morph plugin that morphs between one mesh and another. MCG_SimpleMorph

Attach World

Another simple little plugin. MCG_AttachWorld. This allows you to ‘attach’ an object as a modifier. This means you can turn it on or off, and also this is world-based, so if you move your object the attached object stays where it is in world position, and will also update if it’s animated too! Make the most of max’s modifier stack!

5 Responses to MCG Downloads

  1. suricata says:

    At least, Max improving advanced procedural modeling tools. Nice to hear and read about it. How do you think about this first steps comparing to Grasshopper?

    BTW: Nice to find this interesting and creative blog!
    Thank you for sharing your quality knowledge. I’ll follow you.


  2. matt says:

    how to download these MCGs?


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