Making Max Better: Object Properties 2.0

It’s always really bugged me that the ‘Object Properties’ tool is modal (that means it locks out max, you can’t change selection etc), someone posted on CGTalk the other day saying that it infuriated them and I thought, hang on a minute, I can re-write that easily… so I did….

It’s still in development, but download it and have a play, you won’t want to go back!

All the updates will be on this thread when I’m working on it and then I’ll add it on my blog somewhere when I’m done.

Download the latest version here (might need CGTalk Membership)


About davewortley

Somewhere between an artist and a programmer, I like technical things, but being creative. I love problem solving and coming up with elaborate solutions. This blog is where I shall share ideas, tips, tutorials and anything that amuses me.
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2 Responses to Making Max Better: Object Properties 2.0

  1. Awesome , I see you have Vray properties tab in there too! Cool


  2. daniel says:

    i absolutly love your script!!!!

    this is one of the biggest timesafers ever for my daily workflow… its such a super dumb crap that the properties window is usually locked and u allways have to open it.. for id assigning or looking for the layername.. i love it ;))


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